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Do you suffer from TMJ and need a dentist in Van Nuys, CA who can help?

Have you been wondering what is causing you so much pain in your mouth and jaw?

Fields and Danoukh Dental Group in  Van Nuys, CA is a full service dental practice that can help you with this very painful problem. TMJ affects many people and you are not alone! We see patients regularly in our dentist practice in Van Nuys, who suffer from this problem and have come to Dr. Fields and
Dr. Danoukh for care. Dr. Fields and Dr. Danoukh make patients feel comfortable with all kinds of dental issues! We have many satisfied customers who have consulted with Dr. Fields and Dr. Danoukh and learned how to improve their TMJ disorder. They both are certified providers to administer Botox Injections for TMJ  pain.

TMJ is a painful condition in the jaw. You have two temporomandibular joints (TMJ) in your mouth, one on either side, and these are the joints that you use to open a close your mouth. Every time you open your mouth to talk, chew or yawn or anything else, you are using your TMJ joints. TMJ can stem from any number of things like gum chewing, teeth grinding or other things. And it can lead to so many problems, like sore jaw, headaches, pain in the face, neck or shoulders, and sometimes even earaches and dizziness.

If you are experiencing pain in these joints, it is possible that you are suffering all day long and, for many people, also throughout the night. It is time for you to take care of this issue so that you can rest properly, and eat and talk in comfort. Our practice in Van Nuys, would really be happy to help relieve you of this pain. Our staff will make you feel comfortable when you come in to discuss your pain. You have taken the right step to learn about TMJ. Now come on in for an appointment and we will be able to determine what the best way is to help you with your TMJ disorder.

Dr. Fields and Dr. Danoukh and staff go out of their way to make all their  patients feel comfortable. The first thing to do is to make an appointment at our office in Van Nuys. We will give you an examination to look at your teeth and jaw and assess what type of applications we can use to create pain relief for you. Dr. Fields  and Dr. Danoukh uses all of the latest advance dental techniques that can relieve your TMJ pain.

The Best Bite Discluder, a new device on the market, takes the mystery out of diagnosing what causes your TMJ pain. The device works quickly and easily and the best of all, INEXPENSIVELY, to center the jaw joints, putting them in balance and allowing the muschles to relax. If your pain is caused by your bite, the pain will stop in two minutes or less!!!! You get a diagnosis and relief at the same time.

If you are ready to end your TMJ pain, Dr. Fields  and Dr. Danoukh are the dentists in Van Nuys, CA who can help. Their expertise will help to ease your TMJ disorder!

Don’t keep wondering how Drs. Fields and Danoukh can help you! Call right now and set up your appointment for a free consultation at 818-787-6400.