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Teeth Whitening

What do bright, white teeth say to you?  A dazzling smile conveys vibrancy and success.  Whitening your teeth is a fast and safe and inexpensive way to get an  “instant makeover”.

Chairside Whitening

 Whiter Images is one of the best products on the market today for chairside whitening. Along with the LED light, it will bring your teeth up at least 10 shades with NO sensitivity.The  LED light does not emit heat which is one of the causes of sensitivity after teeth whitening. The enitre procedure takes about two hours and the results are long lasting if you follow up with post whitening instructions. For the ladies, we recommend the Chic-Flic Teeth Whitening and Lip Glossing Pen.  For the men, we have a Whitening Pen for touch ups to keep your teeth white and dazzling!  We also have Remi Paste which helps to remineralize, desensitize and remove the risk of “whitening rebound”.


 KOR Deep Bleaching
 KOR Deep Bleaching is a two-step whitening procedure that is effective in lightening the most stubborn stains including stains caused by tetracycline.  With KOR Deep Bleaching, take home whitening trays are used during sleep for two weeks followed by a chairside whitening session. KOR Deep Bleaching  is good for moderate to severe stains and can lighten your teeth up to 16 shades.  If you have tried other whitening systems without success, KOR Deep Bleaching is for you and with the correct follow-up, your bright smile will last for years!



Take Home Whitening

To lighten your teeth gradually, over a two week period, consider take home whitening. Dr. Fields’ team will take impressions of your teeth and fabricate custom made whitening trays.  The trays insure consistent results and a comfortable experience.  We line the trays with our bleaching solution which contains a higher concentration of peroxide than over the counter brands.  In  two weeks your teeth will whiten up eight shades.

Keep your smile looking fresh all year long!  When you complete our chairside whitening services, you are part of our Whitening For Life program.  As long as you keep your regularly scheduled hygiene visits as an established patient, we will give you annual refills of our whitening gel at no additional cost, as long as you stay an established patient with our practice.