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In order to detect oral cancer at an early, curable stage, Dr. Fields and Dr. Danoukh routinely examine your lips, mouth and tongue for any abnormal spots or sores. The BAD NEWS is harmful spots and sores look identical to the ones that are harmless. Only a specialized test can tell them apart.

The GOOD NEWS is, Dr. Fields and Dr. Danoukh use a simple test, called VIZILITE.. It is used for identifying, evaluating and monitoring oral lesions or abnormalities the doctorS sees in your mouth. 

Don’t forget to ask Dr. Fields and Dr. Danoukh about VIZILITE in conjunction with their normal visual exam if you are concerned about any new spot in your mouth that has not gone away. The doctors will examine it, and  set your mind at ease.. The test will reveal any abnormalities that should be seen by an oral surgeon.   The test is part of the American Dental Association’s campaign in educating the public regarding oral cancer screening, the importance of seeing your dentist regularly, and most importantly, it will help save lives!!!!